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Order your Lions Christmas Cake now directly off Jack Le Cras 0456 071 228 no order to small, FREE DELIVERY. All proceeds go back to the local community.

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  • Succulent sale Gibson Avenue Community Centre Padbury

    Come check out the beautiful display of succulents at our Club house on Sunday 28th of November 2021. All money raised will be used to help those in our local community.

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    This is to let you know that we've reluctantly decided to cancel the Lions Big Band dance at South Perth this Friday 25th March, due to Covid issues.

    It's always tricky to balance the wish to continue with happy events in our lives, like music and dancing, against Covid risks and the desire to keep safe.

    We also want to ensure there's a good vibe at the dance and, with many of our regular attendees taking a break from dancing until case numbers reduce, we feel it's best to wait until things settle down.

    We expect to hold our 22nd April dance as normal - flyer attached.

    If you'd like to hear the Lions Big Band before then, we're playing for the Jazz Club of WA at the Civic Hotel in Inglewood on Tuesday 5th April, 7.30-10.30pm. No booking required.

    Meanwhile, stay safe and we hope to see you next month!

    All the best

    Lorna M Robertson
    Lions Band Coordinator
    South Perth Lions Club Inc


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    Laying it on the Line for Kids with Cancer

    Protecting our children and grandchildren from Paediatric Cancers is a cause close to the hearts of parents and grandparents alike throughout Australia. We are sure that all Lions would love to help the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) support this essential work. One simple way that Lions and the greater community can help to raise funds is by hosting a “Coinline”.

    The proceeds of hundreds of individual Coinlines throughout the country will be converted into 5cent coins and laid end-on-end. The objective is to break the current World Record Coin Line, standing at just under 76Km. Our goal is to reach 85Km which will smash the record. When we reach this target, the ALCCRF and Cancer Research will benefit by over $250,000.

    In an age where we predominately use cards before cash, there are still millions of dollars in coins in circulation. Many are just lying around in bowls, jars, drawers, and bed-side tables. Now is a good time to collect up all those coins and create a ”Coinline” with your friends.

    The ALCCRF has received a great response to the District Functions Challenges at the MD Convention in Canberra, with a total of $4,000 raised at the dinners held on that one night. The current “Changeover Challenge” is going very well, with numerous Clubs and Districts reporting during June. Particular thanks must go to District C1, with $2,500.00 donated from their Challenge.

    Please direct any queries about the “Coinline” project to PDG Keith Stewart

    (Chair, “Coinline Challenge” Committee) at

    Attachment: ALCCRF Coin Line.pdf

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    The New "We Are The Lions Anthem"

    Click below to hear it and be inspired

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  • Trailer of New Documentary

    View a trailer, below, for the documentary 'Dear Me' - a letter from Andrew Chan to his younger self produced by the Western Australian Lions Drug Education Foundation (WALDEF)

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    New LCIF Video Released

    See how your support of LCIF delivers on the needs of people around the globe.

    One of the most important ways that Lions make a difference in their communities and the world is through Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), the official charitable organisation of Lions Clubs International.

    With funding from LCIF, Lions carry out large-scale humanitarian projects in their community. Every dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly toward a grant, as administrative costs are paid by interest on investments. Lions’ support of the Foundation is critical, as donations from Lions provide the majority of LCIF’s revenue.

    Since LCIF began in 1968, it has awarded more than 10,268 grants totaling more than US$729 million. Together, Lions and LCIF are making a difference for millions of people. “We Serve” better together.

    LCIF grants go toward Lions sight services, disaster relief, health initiatives and more. Support LCIF and make a difference.

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    Join a Lions Club in Western Australia

    Find out why

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    Lions - We Care, We Give, We Serve, We Need You!

    The Lions Clubs in Western Australia (Districts 201w1 & 201w2) have collaborated to promote Lions by organising an Electronic Billboard in the Perth Underground Train Station as well as on the back of two CAT buses which travel around the CBD in Perth.

    We need You and "your" Two Hands to continue the great work Lions do in the Community, here, and around the world. If you have a few hours to spare each week, please join a Lions Club in your area, you will find it rewarding and sometimes it will bring a 'tear or two to your eyes".

    Pictured is DG Colin Heap of District 201W1 with one of the Cat buses

    Go to our Facebook page, like it, and spread the word!

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