Lions Club of Whitford


District 201W1 Western Australia

About Us

Lions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. We are easily identified by our  individually marked workshirts which carry the distinctive Lions International Logo and the Club name.

Whitford Lions Club recognises outstanding service by its Members and bestows Lions Clubs International's highest individual award, The Melvin Jones Fellow in appreciation of a long standing contribution to the community and the Club.  Our Melvin Jones Fellows are: 
John Dedman,  Dudley Goodwin,  John Hutchison,  Peter Jasper,  PDG Jack LeCras OAM,  Elaine Weskin, PDG Jack Sells,  Greg Wilson,  Bob Stephen, Keith Pearce, Brian McGrath.  

When you see us out and about on projects please feel free to come over and say hello and learn a little about the project - all of the monies raised at Lions projects is used to assist community members. 

Lions Clubs International Logo

Lions Club of Whitford




Current Management Team

President    Derek Best

Secretary    Terri Couper

Treasurer    Greg Wilson

Past Presidents of the Club

2020/21      Jack Le Cras

2019/20      Philip Couper

2018/19      Philip Couper

2017/18      Philip Couper

2016/17      Philip Couper

2015/16      Keith Pearce

2014/15      Bert Stray

2013/14      Bert Stray

2012/13      Mary-Anne Jackson

2011/12      Peter Jasper

2010/11      Peter Smith  

2009/10     Jack LeCras

2008/09     Greg Wilson

2007/08     John Dedman

2006/07     Sid Old

2005/06     Sid Old

2004/05     John Hutchison

2003/04     Mike Bell

2002/03     Vern Patience

2001/02     Vern Patience

2000/01     Elaine Carruthers

1999/00     Jack Sells

1998/99     Jack LeCras

1997/98    Tom Moylan

1996/97    Mike Bell

1995/96    Mike Bell

1994/95    Tony Newton

1993/94    Tony Smith

1992/93    Peter Drown

1991/92    Greg Wilson

1990/91    John McTavish

1989/90    Ian Wood

1988/89    Peter Metcalf

1987/88    Jack LeCras

1986/87    Tony Newton

1985/86    Tony Newton

1894/85   Colin Lee

1983/84    John Hutchison

1982/83    Ian Farquharson

1981/82   Tom Moylan

1980/81   Bill Myers

1979/80   Bruce Dyer